Admission Process

For advice and guidance in relation to the registration process, please email or call one of the following numbers:

09 – 77 14 14 14

09 – 77 15 15 15

09 – 77 16 16 16

Furthermore, you may visit our Admissions Office for further assistance.

To apply, please take time to read through the following procedures so that you understand the process and then kindly complete the online application form and submit the required documents.

  • Fill the registration online
  • Upload the required attachments
  • Pay 250 USD as registration fee
  • Bring originals at the readiness assessment date
  • Prepare all the copies of the documents requested
  • Pay 250 USD as registration fee
  • Submit all the documents (including the bank receipt) to our Registrar at the Admissions Office and fill the registration form papers with our staff.
  • Readiness assessment date will be communicated

The Ethiopian Ministry of Education requires ALL the following documentation to be supplied to the school before entry. Please documents along with a completed application form. Applications for entry cannot be accepted until all the required paperwork has been supplied. Also, please ensure you submit the originals and copies of the following documents or the application cannot be accepted.