Cambridge Academy Ethiopia operates a fair and transparent admissions process, with applicants to the school being accepted without selection based upon academic achievement or potential, ethnicity, religion, gender or any other possible form of discrimination. Cambridge Academy Ethiopia allows prospective parents and their children to visit the school prior to registration so that they may familiarise themselves with it. We re-register students in the next year, if the parents wish so, as long as there are no behaviour issues that justify refusal of the students’ re-registration. We do not refuse or withhold admission of students with chronic health conditions (e.g. diabetes, asthma, congenital heart diseases, epilepsy and obesity) and will offer appropriate support as per the student’s needs.

We base our admissions policy on the three main principles outlined below:

  • We invite applications from all students living in Ethiopia
  • We commit to there being no acceptable criteria for denying a student’s admission regardless of their status
  • We embrace the admission of students with learning difficulties and special educational needs (SEN) in regular classes which provide appropriate support to enable these students to achieve their best

School Readiness

We agree with current research that many children are not ready to start school when they first enter a classroom. We feel that the issues that are causing concern are children’s speech, language and communication; personal, social and emotional development; behavior issues and physical development. We believe the main reasons for this is that there is a failure to identify and support children’s additional needs, parents having fewer resources, and pressure on family life. We understand school readiness is best defined as ‘the broad range of skills, knowledge and attitudes children need as foundations for good future progress.’ (Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage) It is also defined as children ‘being curious about the world, having the desire to learn, coping   emotionally from being separated from their main career and are relatively independent in their personal care.’ (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years)

We acknowledge that there are four key areas of school readiness: language and literacy, thinking skills, self-control, and self-confidence. Parents have a major role to play in encouraging the development of these four areas so that children are able to ‘listen and ask questions, express their thoughts, communicate with others, think before performing actions, possessing curious eagerness to learn, being experienced with books, knowing how to share and take turns, being able to work alone and with others, and understanding written words and how they are put together to make a sentence.’

We believe that children attending our nursery setting where the Early Years Foundation Stage is implemented in an environment for identifying any potential issues, are well prepared emotionally, socially and academically to transfer into the school setting.

School Readiness Assessment

At the admissions stage, students are assessed on their readiness for Cambridge Academy Ethiopia. This is conducted by a qualified member of the academic team, supported by members of the Learning Support Team. We expect that a sizeable number of children will speak English as an additional language (EAL) and the school readiness assessment will identify a child’s English language proficiency, in addition to their disposition to interact with adults, other children and the environment around them.

Cambridge Academy Ethiopia admits students into early years (Nursery, FS1 and FS2) without requiring the students to sit for any formal admissions test or interview.

Admission of SEN Students

Education at Cambridge Academy Ethiopia provides equality of opportunity and balanced outcomes for all students. Special needs students will be properly integrated within the education system with the benefit of support programmes and infrastructure that guarantees fair access. Cambridge Academy Ethiopia admits students with a wide range of mild to moderate special educational needs who, with sufficient targeted support, will have access to the full curriculum within our inclusive learning environment. We will conduct an interview with a student with mild to moderate special needs and may require the student to take a tailored school readiness assessment to give an indication of their performance level(s) to be able to provide proper learning and psychological support but not for the purpose of accepting or rejecting a student. Where we believe we are unable to fully support the needs of the child, in the best interest of the child, we will refuse registration.

For advice and guidance in relation to the registration process, please email or call one of the following numbers:

09 – 77 14 14 14

09 – 77 15 15 15

09 – 77 16 16 16

Furthermore, you may visit our Admissions Office for further assistance. To apply, please take time to read through the following procedures so that you understand the process and then kindly complete the online application form and submit the required documents.