In partnership with families and other professionals Cambridge Academy Ethiopia provides students with healthy eating experiences in order to promote their well-being. With an understanding of the different dietary, cultural, religious and health needs of our students, we aim to raise awareness in developing a positive approach to food and nutrition. All food provided will be nutritious, avoiding large quantities of salt, sugar, saturated fats, additives, preservatives and colourings and will not include access to fizzy drinks, crisps, chocolate, biscuits, cakes or sweets. Healthy snacks on offer include: fresh fruit, dried fruit, vegetables, bread rolls, yoghurt, milk, and milkshakes.

Students may bring their own packed lunch and snacks. Packed lunches and snacks should be healthy and nutritious. In an endeavour to prevent accidental allergic reactions, students bringing their own packed lunches and snacks may not share these with other students.

Students may bring a named water bottle to school every day. No other food & drink must be sent to school.


Hot meals are provided by the onsite catering staff and a variety of fresh fruit and salads are available. Student meals will include an appropriate intake of foods from the four main food groups:

  • Fruit and vegetables (at least two portions every meal)
  • Meat, fish and alternatives
  • Milk and Dairy foods
  • Bread, pasta, cereals and potatoes

The school weekly menu will be displayed in the front entrance for parents and a weekly lunch menu will be sent home on a termly basis for parents and students to discuss meal choices.

Special Dietary requirements

Parents will be asked about their child’s special dietary requirements, including any religious considerations before they start school. They will be required to provide the school with information about the diet and choices for their child. Menus will be carefully planned and adapted accordingly and records updated regularly.

Festivals and Celebrations

At Cambridge Academy Ethiopia we welcome Addis Ababa’s diverse range of cultures and nationalities and the contribution they make to the variety of foods eaten here. We will provide students with the valuable opportunity to celebrate and experience such diversity on special occasions when foods other than those detailed above may be offered. On such occasions staff will remind students that this is an occasional rather than an everyday treat and foods will be labeled if they contain ingredients which may cause food intolerances.