Executive Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Cambridge Academy Ethiopia (CAE). We aim to provide our students with an international experience that is unique, not just in Addis Ababa but across Ethiopia. We draw upon the best aspects of the British curriculum and blend it with modern, theme based, experiential learning all whilst meeting our local community needs. The school opened last year, welcoming children aged 2-18 years and has grown into a good, international school. We are, however, ready to move into the next phase of our development which will see an increase in the development of our teaching and learning alongside the continued growth of our facilities and resources. These improvements are designed to enable us to move from being a good international school to an outstanding one that reflects the community and the stakeholders we represent.

Our ambition is for our school promises to be a hub for the local community where we offer, not only a first-class education, but also place for parents to meet, enjoy our rich array of facilities and to grow with the school, in partnership, as part of a wider Addis Ababa community.

Our students are taught by highly qualified teachers with excellent English, a passion for providing the best learning experiences and teaching your children to grow and develop as independent learners. The strong emphasis we place on experiences outside of the traditional classroom and opportunities outside of school, both locally and internationally, will ensure your child develops into a well-rounded, academically strong yet thoughtful individual. At the heart of our school is a focus on individual, regional, national and international values where discipline and mutual respect are paramount.

This is an exciting time in the story of CAE and you have a wonderfully unique opportunity to be involved at the start of it all. CAE will be a special place where students, parents and the wider community can learn, grow, have fun and develop in a supportive environment permeated by strong, positive relationships between all of the school community. This is our strength and your opportunity to be part of something truly innovative, effective and reflective of the requirements for international education throughout the world.

As your new Executive Principal I aim to meet with as many of you as I can during the first few weeks of the new academic year and await your feedback, comments and suggestions eagerly. My aim is for my door to always be open to pupils, staff and parents and I look forward to meeting, working, growing and developing our learning community with you all.

Mr Daniel Brace
Executive Principal
Cambridge Academy Ethiopia