Our Approach

We promise experiential teaching that engages each individual student with the right kind of support tailored to each student’s learning needs. We promise collaborative learning opportunities that are preparing students for their futures and a curriculum that is ethical and enriches the emotional and intellectual interests of all students.

We promise learning that is ambitious, with a focus on academic progress and achievement but also develops a global outlook and a recognition of universal values.

We promise equal opportunities across the curriculum.

We prepare students by exposing them to different learning environments so they can apply their learning in real life situations. We work together in partnership with parents to ensure that students enjoy, achieve and grow into ethical, independent and responsible people. We are committed to providing a caring, happy and welcoming learning environment that meets the needs of each student. Our curriculum is designed to foster thought, curiosity and a desire for learning in all children regardless of their backgrounds, strengths and needs.

We see parents as our partners in learning.  We work very closely with parents so we can help them support their children’s learning.

We recruit passionate teachers with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our teachers use interactive teaching methods to promote critical thinking, collaboration and the skills needed to be successful in the workplace.