Our School Day

We ask students to arrive at school between 7.45am and 8.10am. The school day starts for all students at 8.15am with registration.

For Nursery, FS1 and FS2 students, the school day ends at 1.40pm and we ask you to pick up your students by 1.50pm.

Students who use school transport, and those waiting for siblings in Year 1 and above stay until 3.00 pm. School buses leave by 3.00pm. Students using private transport should be collected by 3.00pm.

Students have two breaks during the school day. Breaks for FS1 & FS2 students are staggered throughout the day.

The school is well staffed and the timetable is constructed so that at any one time there will be teachers who have ‘non-contact’ time, that is time when they will be preparing lessons, assessing students’ work or planning programmes of study.  Teachers will also be timetabled to act as ‘cover’ teachers, should colleagues be absent for illness or other reasons.