Chairman’s Welcome

Chairman’s Welcome

Welcome to Cambridge Academy Ethiopia (CAE). We represent a thriving and dynamic community, encompassing our Early Years, Primary and Secondary schools, with an enrolment of over 1,000 students, a dedicated staff comprising of more than 135 individuals, and an engaged parent body of approximately 1400 members. We are, at our core, a family of inquisitive minds, dedicated educators, collaborative partners, and professional colleagues.

Our vision extends far beyond the borders of Ethiopia. We are a diverse school community, attracting students and educators from Ethiopia, across the African continent, and indeed, from every corner of the globe. As one of Ethiopia’s pre-eminent private educational institutions, we proudly offer the National Curriculum for England – a curriculum that seamlessly blends engagement with academic rigor – spanning from our youngest learners in the Early Years through to our A Level students.

Our commitment is to nurture a generation of future leaders, be they aspiring entrepreneurs, scientists, business leaders, statesmen, artists, technology pioneers, literary luminaries, or directors of non-governmental organizations. Our graduates emerge well-prepared not only for their final examinations but also for a multitude of post-secondary opportunities. Equipped with a CAE education, they are primed to embark on transformative careers, poised to lead in their chosen fields, be it in Ethiopia, across Africa, or anywhere else in the world where their aspirations may guide them.

If you are not yet a member of our esteemed CAE community, but rather a prospective student, parent, or potential addition to our staff, please accept our warmest welcome. We extend an invitation for you to explore the realm of Cambridge Academy Ethiopia and to consider joining our vibrant family. We take immense pride in our school’s achievements and are brimming with enthusiasm for the limitless possibilities that await us.

With warm regards,

Dr. Gemechis Buba

Chairman and Founder

Cambridge Academy Ethiopia