Scholarships & Bursaries


A scholarship is a form of financial aid that is awarded to students to help pay for their education. Scholarships at Cambridge Academy Ethiopia are awarded based on merit, such as academic achievement or athletic talent. Scholarships at Cambridge Academy Ethiopia may be awarded to be used to pay for tuition fees, books, and other educational expenses. At Cambridge Academy Ethiopia, the opportunity to be awarded a scholarship will be limited to Ethiopian students.


A bursary is a type of financial award that is given to students to help cover the costs of their education. Bursaries are typically based on financial need, rather than merit, and are designed to assist students who might otherwise have difficulty affording the cost of education. Bursaries are offered by Cambridge Academy Ethiopia. Bursaries will not have to be repaid, and they cover tuition fees. Bursaries are an important source of support for some students who face financial challenges, and they can help ensure that they have access to a quality education, regardless of their financial background. At Cambridge Academy Ethiopia bursaries are means tested and limited to Ethiopian students.

Fee Waivers

Fee waivers are offered by Cambridge Academy Ethiopia to provide support to those employed at the school. Fee Waivers are offered to a clearly outlined and limited group of staff.