Cambridge Academy Ethiopia has established the annual tuition and fees schedule for School Year 2022/2023 as follows:


Nursery half day                                                              $ 5,500.00
Nursery full day                                                               $ 5,800.00
FS1 – FS2                                                                             $ 5,800.00
Year 1 – Year 3                                                                   $ 6,000.00
Year 4 – Year 6                                                                  $ 6,500.00
Year 7 – Year 9                                                                  $ 7,500.00
Year 10 – Year 11                                                               $ 9,350.00

REGISTRATION – All Students                                              $     250.00
APPLICATION – New Students only                                   $    100.00


                                       RETURNING STUDENTS                         NEW STUDENTS
Nursery – FS1                         $ 250.00                                                    $ 500.00
FS 2 – Year 4                           $ 500.00                                                   $ 1,000.00
Year 5 – Year 11                      $ 1,000.00                                                $ 1,500.00

Fees are set in US dollars and payable in U.S. dollars. For Ethiopian nationals there is
the option of paying in Ethiopian Birr. Fees for international students must be paid in
US dollars, Euro or UK Pound. Amounts payable in local currency will be calculated
using banks selling exchange rates on the date of remittance.

Please note that Ethiopian banks automatically convert foreign currency and checks written in other currencies to Ethiopian Birr. The above amounts are net, which means that any and all bank, transfer or other fees must be borne by the student, parent or guardian. The amount credited in the various school’s accounts are to be net.



It is the responsibility of all parents and guardians of students to ensure that all tuition and fees are paid on time.

1. FOR RETURNING STUDENTS – Tuition for the first term must be paid at least two weeks before the start of that term. Yearly fees for the next school year
(Registration and Capital Levy fees) must be paid before the end of the current
school year.

2. FOR NEW STUDENTS – Application, Registration Capital Levy and first term fees must be paid before start of attendance at Cambridge Academy.

For students entering after the beginning of the school year, a similar payment
schedule will be established by the finance office.

3. FOR ALL STUDENTS – In subsequent terms, tuition must be paid before two weeks of the beginning of that term.

4. Fees paid by organizations must be paid in total for the entire year.

5. Fees for all international students are payable in convertible hard currency (USD,
Euro and UK Pound).

LATE PAYMENT – Finance charges, for late payments of all fees, shall be levied as follows:

1. Five percent (5%) of the total amount due will be levied when payment is made within two weeks after the due date.

2. An amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the total amount due will be levied when payment is made within the two weeks after the 5% due date.

3. If payments are not made within six weeks of the original due date, the child or
children involved will not be permitted to attend classes or participate in school events until all outstanding tuition and fees are paid in full.

DISCOUNTS – Cambridge Academy Ethiopia offers various discounts as follows:

1. Siblings Discount – The school offers a siblings discount of 5%, 10% and 15% on the school fees of the second, third and fourth child, respectively, of same family. 

2. Early Payment Discount – If school fees are paid for the entire year, before the
beginning of the school year, a discount amounting to five percent (5%) will be applied to the annual school fees. 

The above discounts are applicable on the annual tuition fees only (not on registration, capital levy or other fees).

If you have further questions or need more information please contact the Finance Office on + 251 97 716 1616 or +251 97 715 1515, Email: Website: www.cambridgeethiopia.or